Learning Programs

Indoor learning program

Chatterbox has an interest based curriculum where the learning is focused around what the children are interested in. 

We feel that this is the most positive and fun approach to learning for children as they develop their knowledge and skills through play. Each child at Chatterbox is given the opportunity while indoors to be immersed in many experiences of their choice.  Our Indoor spaces for each age group are made up of “Learning Spaces” such as:

Book Corner, where children are able to explore literacy by engaging in a range of texts and gain meaning from these texts.

Dramatic Play Area, where children engage socially in imaginative play with both peers and Educators, developing an understanding of their world as they see it.

Construction Area, allows the children to have access to construction and manipulative equipment and have opportunities for both individual and group play experiences.

Creative Area, where children have freedom to use their imagination and explore and express their ideas through a variety of both natural and man-made materials.

Meal Area, where children come together as groups to eat and interact over a meal.  Some meal times can be progressive which gives the children the opportunity to finish their current experiences or activities.

Music and Movement Area, used by children to dance and move imaginatively. It is also used by the group to relax to music and sing along to rhymes and jingles.

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