Learning Programs

Learning Through Play

Central to our programs is the belief that children learn through play. Play is the way that children explore and make sense of their world.

It enhances children’s curiosity and creativity and allows them to develop, practise, expand and challenge their skills in many areas. Through play, children are ableto express their personality and uniqueness and develop their sense of self.

Play can take many forms. Children may play on their own; independently alongside someone else in parallel play, or with other children in cooperative play. Play may be structured or unstructured.

Our Educators take time to know each child and to understand how they learn and what interests them. Educator’s will respond to children’s ideas and interests to extend each child’s learning and support children as they engage in their play.

Our goal for your child is to have an environment where they feel safe, secure and nurtured. It is through a positive and supportive atmosphere that children are able to learn best. Research shows children learn through play – where they see fun, adventure and intrigue, they learn naturally using their current skills and knowledge feeling successful in the moment. As educators we celebrate this with children and challenge their current skills to push their thinking in order to gain new interests and expand their understanding.

To find out how your child can learn through play contact us.