Your child at Chatterbox


At Chatterbox, your baby will be involved in many experiences to assist them to use their skills and develop new ones, while learning about the world around them.

It is very important at this age for your child to have nurturing relationships with their educators for them to feel safe and secure while away from the home environment.

Our Educators use every opportunity throughout the day to establish these bonds and build strong nurturing relationships with your child.


Feeding your baby

It is our goal at Chatterbox to make the transition between home and the Centre as smooth as possible for you and your baby.

An important part of this process is ensuring that home feeding routines are implemented at the Centre.

Upon enrolment, you will be requested to complete the “Infant Routine” which outlines your child’s feeding routine. This schedule will be used to ensure that your child will be given breast milk/formula and solid foods in the quantities and at the times specified by you.

Educators will maintain communication with you to ensure that this routine is updated as your child grows.


Sleep for infants

Chatterbox recognises the importance of incorporating the individual sleep routines of our babies into the daily program.

Information regarding your child’s sleep patterns and needs, are requested at the time of enrolment, and this is used by educators to create a similar home/ centre sleep environment. These details are constantly updated through regular consultation between you and your child’s educators.

Chatterbox and it’s staff will at all times follow the child care sleeping practices recommended by the SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping program to reduce the risk of SIDS and create a safe sleeping environment.


Nappy changing and toileting

As part of our focus on promoting each child’s wellbeing and providing support for each child’s growing competence, confidence and independence, Chatterbox recognises that babies need adults to help them manage their toileting needs.

Our educators will maintain open, two way lines of communication with you to incorporate the individual toileting requirements of your child into daily life at the Centre.

Nappy changing is used as a time of positive one-on-one interaction with your child, during which educators can sing rhymes, count babies toes or describe the colour of a mobile. Your child’s preferences with be listened to and educators will be sensitive to your family’s beliefs and values. Nappies will be changed in a hygienic manner as this will help reduce, and in many instances prevent, the spread of infections. We will begin the toilet training process in consultation with you when your child is ready. Where appropriate, methods used at home will be incorporate within the Centre to ensure continuity with the home routine.

It is our goal during toilet training to keep your child comfortable and give him/her a sense of pride and accomplishment.

For further information on caring for your baby, contact us today.